The curtain rises


I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and here it is, the blog. The dev blog. I’m often developping unusual program (compilers, for example), games, and have many random thoughts on various game related topics, especially those linked to MMOs and online games. I want to share all these things. Code, art, game design, game industry are some of the things that I’m likely to talk about.

My current project is a multiplayer online RPG with the now well-known voxel cube look (Minecraft, Cube World, Trove, Oort Online, SkySaga and many others use it). It will be the primary topic of the blog for a while.

Regarding what’s powering this blog – it’s some tech stuff, after all! – there’s the well known WordPress. Manually installed on a shared host from 1and1. The theme is a customized version of the Simple Life theme.

To conclude this first post, you have to know – if you didn’t notice it already – that I’m not a native english speaker. I’m continuously trying to improve both my grammar and vocabulary, but you’ll probably see some engrish from time to time… if not every time!

See you around, and on Twitter :)