Answers to ten weird questions

Something I’m regularly doing when not working on Metaworld is reading forums/sites dedicated to online RPGs and MMOs, and try to answer the questions asked there, as if they were directed towards the game I develop. It’s something really interesting to do, since it’s forcing you to look at what you develop from another angle, and gives an indication of how far you’ve thought your game design or overall player experience.
For once, I’ll write and share the answers. These questions come from the site MassivelyOP, and more specifically this article about ten weird questions, that was published earlier today. If you’re interested in MMOs and online games in general, and does not already know about MassivelyOP (or its former self, Massively), I highly recommend this site!

Please note that all the informations I’m giving here are real, and based on Metaworld’s current game design, but of course, they might undergo some changes as I’ll progress in the development:

1. How easy is it for enemies to knock me off my mount?

It is not possible to be knocked off of a mount, however, your mount (or balloon/boat) will take damage and slow down the more it is hurt/damaged, until killed or destroyed, so it might be best not to let it take too much damage. Especially if you’re using a balloon, considering the potential fall damage.

2. Will I have a choice of weapons?

Metaworld’s class logic is inverted compared to the usual one used in online RPGs, it’s not the class that determines the weapon, but the weapon that determines the class(es). Let’s take the ‘staff’ and the ‘bo’ as examples: if you use a staff, you can pick either the Arbiter or the Warden class, whereas if you use a bo, you can pick between the Warden and Warrior classes. The staff-user Warden and the bo-user Warden are variants of the Warden class. They’re not exactly the same regarding skillsets, and they’re balanced individually, but the core remains the same. If you don’t consider variants as separate classes – and you shouldn’t in my opinion – then yes, there will be a choice of weapons.

3. Where’s the screenshot key and folder?

By default it’s the F12 key, and the screenshot are stored in the “my documents” folder. On this screenshot, it’s not in “my documents” for the simple reason that this folder is set to the D: disk drive on my computer:

Screenshot tab
The dedicated screenshot tab with all of its current options.

4. What’s the most popular class?

Considering that some classes are starting classes, and that others can only be accessed by playing and getting the weapons and arts making them available, I’m 100% sure that the most popular ones will be the starting classes. In case you wonder, the main purpose of arts is to allow the usage of equipments, weapons and tools.

5. Do you have an insane dev on staff who thinks that jumping puzzles are the bee’s knees?

Huh, no, unless you consider column-like terrain artifacts to be jumping puzzles.

6. Where are your patch notes?

Patch notes will be accessible through an in-game window. It might seem like an invasion of the game technicality into the virtual world, but Metaworld is not a game using the suspension of disbelief. It’s just a virtual world with its own logic, and it is shown as it is.

7. How toxic and/or welcoming is your community?

So far the community – composed of a tremendous count of 5 players – has been focused on killing and resurrecting each others (then repeat), failing to kill mobs, “anonymously” insulting people in the chat, and competing for the first player to reach the highest moutain. So, yeah, it’s probably the most toxic community ever considering the evilness to player ratio.

9. What one or two stats do I need to concentrate on?

Depends of the class, but thanks to this question, I’ll probably add an in-game helper for beginners. Please note that the class system is made to allow multiple viable build and will probably also depends of a metagame, so it’s likely to be very variable.

10. Are there any red flags for your game’s future operation?

Does not being out yet count as one?