House works and tiling

If you were following my work back in march, you might remember this screenshot:

Player city
Player cities are on the way!

It was the early version of player cities that I prototyped to make sure that I could achieve what I wanted. It proved to be possible, and I’m now back on this system to fully bring it to life.
I started the work on it last week, with one of the first step being the necessary rework of the building style, and the creation of models for the new buildings. While I was satisfied with the look of building themselves, the overall composition when placed on the map was especially ugly, mostly because once the vegetation is removed, a city is a wide empty space with building here and there. The lack of textures in such a context was not forgiving at all. In consequence, I started to work once again on the graphics.

The first step was to densify the color variations of the terrain, so that it would make tile limits more obvious. It worked quite well, but was not enough, thus I decided to make another go at textures. Instead of trying to create Minecraft-esque ones like previously, I tried to create alteration patterns that would combine with the plain colors, not replace them. And it proved to be quite a good idea when I tried a texture faking rounded corners:

Empty Space
An empty space that does not look too bad!

Happy with that result, I tried it on more surfaces and with some vegetation. It still looked quite good, on top of strengthening the tactical RPG look that I’m striving for, while preserving the typical colored voxel look:

Grid works
Very “tactical RPG” feeling around here, isn’t it?

With these changes validated, I went back to cities:

Metaworld Player City
First look at the revamped player city buildings.
Metaworld Player City
Houses with warehouses in the background. To be used for trade!
Far City
There’s a city hidden in this screenshot. Will you find it?

I have a long list of tasks to complete before getting functionnal cities, but it’s going rather well.

Until next time!