Introduction to the weight system

Continuation of the work on characters.

If you have read my previous entry, you might have noticed that I pointed that playing with the character creation is something that I liked to do. I do, and I know that many other people do. At some point, I had to question myself. How could I put this fun into the game ? This question can be answered pretty easily : the game should allow characters appearance to change according to some factors. One of these factors that a player will be able to toy with is the character weight. A rather obvious one since it defines a lot of a character’s shape.

Currently, the weight system works through food buffs. If you’ve ever played a MMORPG, you’ve probably come accross food buffs. Things that you craft in cooking professions, that give you various bonuses. Usually, they’re not that great, but since I want cooking to have an important place in Metaworld (like crafting in general), these bonuses will be relatively strong. And coming with an additional effect to manage.
When a player consumes a food, it grants it a buff with a number of stacks and a buff timer. Those stacks grant the player bonuses when being consumed, what occurs when performing some action (mining, casting, attacking, resting, etc). If there are unused stacks at the end of the buff timer, they’ll disappear, but add some weight to the character.

The effects of additional weight have yet to be determined. But you can be sure that there will be both advantages and drawbacks. I don’t want extra weight to be considered like a bad or good thing, but as something that is part of character building, both visually and gameplay-wise.

And I’ll conclude this post with an image of what it’s looking like in-game. The way I’m making characters heavier or lighter is fairly basic, since it’s a simple scale on some voxels, yet it’s working well in my opinion :

Metaworld voxel character weight variation
Only 4 steps represented here, but it’s linear between each one.

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