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Modrain here. I’m a computer engineer whose passion for development, and especially game development, is often leading to think about various development and game related things. And try those. Sometimes being rewarded with success, sometimes with failure… But in both cases, it’s worth the time :)
This blog is dedicated to share about what I do – when it can be shared! – with other people.

I’ve been working for some years in the video game industry, and assumed roles as various as tool developer, server developer and lead developer on titles no less various such as MMORPG, multiplayer card games, puzzle, arcade, platform games.

My main project at the moment is an online RPG code-named Metaworld.

You can follow me on :
– Twitter : @modrain.
– YouTube : Modrain.
– DeviantART : Modrain.

If you’re looking for a direct contact, you can send me an email at: modrain [dot] net [at] gmail [dot] com

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey man! I wanted to send over an invite to our beta for Cartrdge (if you’re interested of course). What would be the best way to do that?

    We’re new so I’m sure you haven’t heard of the site quite yet – we’re a portfolio community exclusively for game developers. It’s a place for the individuals in the industry to share the different aspects of what you’re working on, and through that your games and projects. Current stuff, past games that you want to portfolio, etc. If you’re familiar with either Dribbble or Behance then you’ll know the idea.

    Let me know and I can send over an invite code, we’d be so excited to have you – Metaworld looks fantastic!



    1. Hello, and sorry for the late reply! And thank you :)

      Actually, I’ve already heard about Cartrdge, since Zach Soares (https://twitter.com/y2bcrazy) posted some content on the site a while ago and linked it on Twitter. The name stuck with me, mostly because there’s no ‘i’, so, good name I guess!

      At the moment I don’t think I have content that would be worth posting, but there definitely will be some later, so, I’m certainly interested, even if it’s not an immediate interest. The best way would be an email to modrain [dot] net [at] gmail [dot] com, but seeing that you have an invite field on Cartrdge, maybe would it be simpler if I use it?

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