Metaworld’s latest works report

It has been some days since the latest post, thus now is the time for a small recap of what happened during this time. Overall, I’ve been mostly working on bits of things rather than huge systems, which is the primary reason of the lack of post over this period.

Here we go :

– I’ve improved the UI little by little when I needed some functionalities. I’ve notably added a progress/loading bar control which is now used to display in more visual way the life of an entity. The skillbar has been enchanced a little, and can now display a hotkey (placeholder art inside) :

Skill icon
A skill icon placeholder created in 5 minutes, that looks better than I expected!

– The only big task done was the rework of the animation system. The main reason for this rework was to add interpolation between animations, so that it stays fluid when starting/stopping to run, fighting, etc. Mission complete. I also took advantage of this rework to switch most of the internal rotation code to quaternions.

– Meshes displayed using instancing can now be animated with a wind effect, grass for example. No video at the moment, but it will come in due time.

– The base of the city system has been built. When the terrain in generated, it adapt itself so that the buildings above it fit properly :

Little house on the prairie
The terrain flattens itself under the 3×3 house.

– The player character model has been reworked. I added four new equipment slots. One for the helmet/hair, one that is used to show neck protections such as gorgets or scarfs, and the two others that are use the right and left pauldrons. The legs are bit bigger, too. I’m pretty satisfied with what it’s looking like now, with a heavy armor, but I have more tests to do with lighter armors. I’m keeping that for a future video, too.

Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There has been other minor subtasks, I’m continuously improving the game design of the game, sometimes reducing its scope, sometimes adding a small feature, etc. And at the time, I’m working on improving the battle system.