What is Metaworld?

Metaworld – working title – is an online RPG or small-scale MMORPG (depending of what qualifies as an MMORPG for you), focusing on creating an autonomous virtual world, playable by a few hundreds players, with a gameplay built around player-driven systems and community interaction/competition.

Main systems include:

  • Vast open world (half-handcrafted, half-generated)
  • Player built cities, factions and guilds
  • Personal housing
  • Traditional target-based combat
  • Flexible class system
  • Skill/gear-based progression: levelling is not corelated to power
  • Deep crafting and gathering systems
  • Craft oriented equipments and economy
  • Autonomous environment with procedurally generated content

As of 2019, the development is still ongoing.

34 thoughts on “What is Metaworld?

    1. It isn’t based on “The Tapper Twins Go To War”, no. I haven’t read the book depicting the game of the same name, but considering that the set of features I’m planning for mine is already unusual for the genre, it is likely to end up very different from the book’s depictions.

    1. No fixed date at the moment, as I’m still in mid-development. As soon as possible will be my answer ;)

    1. You will indeed be able to build, in this case, player cities, and inside a personal housing space. However, there won’t be building along the lines of what Minecraft offers, for example.

    1. It’s an online game, so yes, it will be playable with friends. However, it’s not currently planned to be free.

    1. If you tried something named Metaworld, that wasn’t anything related to the game I’m developing, since it’s not available at the moment.

    1. I’m aware of the book and that it features a game named Metaworld, but I don’t think it’s ever been published where I live. I might check it out of curiosity if it does at some point!

    1. When it will have an amount of content I’ll deemed decent enough to make the game pubicly testable. The road ahead is still fairly long.

    2. Hello, at the moment I don’t have a mailing list for this, but I’ll add a registration page at some point for players who’d be willing to participate to early tests. I’ll add a blog entry when it’ll be possible to register,

    1. The initial estimates and cost projections I did are now long outdated, and need to be redone, But to give you a rough idea, at the time I did three scenarios with prices ranging from 20€/$25 to 40€/$50. That was assuming the game would be buy-to-play, i.e. without subscription or cash shop to sustain server costs. It’s something that could change.

    1. Well, if I can’t do anything about Cube World (unfortunately), I can certainly add a V-Sync option to the graphics settings.
      I often switch V-Sync on and off to ensure framerate stability, so, exposing the option to the players should be fairly quick. You can consider it done ;)

  1. I’ve been interested in this game for a while so when you release a beta for beta testers i would gladly appreciate if you send me one because i’m a crazy fan over this game because of the roleplay style

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